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Part 1 – SONGS OF RELEASE – Black and White – Archangel Metatron

This from Brother Peter Melchizedek; As we are standing before the Open Door, we wait for our families to awaken and openly walk through into these opportunists which are even Now opening up more with the promise of even more over these next many months; there will be more in this series of awakenings …

Oddity in our Pacific Northwest Sky

This morning around 10:30 am PST, in our skies we were able to witness in our sky what looked to be a dogfight between 3 or 4 of our U.S. Military planes and another airship of some-sort.  This “other ship” was so fast that I could never see it in the sky.  What brought my attention to this anomaly was the very loud sonic noises, that I was able to hear from inside the farmhouse.  After 2 minutes of these load sonic noises, I went outside to investigate.  What we were then witness to was the 3 to 4 aircraft darting about shooting into the center of a cloud that was not there, then it was.  There was a trail after each shot was ejected from the craft which looked like a white, squiggling, trailing downward, smoke.  This white smoke trailing did not dissipate quickly.  My reactions to grab the camera was slow and I only got the trailing of the smoke in the cloud which grew larger then dissipated after several more minutes.  It does feel as though we were witness to some sort of action. There have never in the past been this sort of actions over our sky ways.  Yes, we do hear the sonic noises from time to time as they will take off from one of the military bases and go out somewhere fast.  BUT NEVER have we been witness to this action.

There is much to be witness to, when we are open and in the moment.  Namaste


TIME used as a Tool



Time here on this 3D planet, is meant to be a tool by which we use this tool, called time, to control the items in our vast and busy lives. What is often forgot in the manipulation of our programing of this feature we were given, is the values which hold the “individual” as a unit a complete human. This is a known value within each human, we have only forgot that which is so important. I would give to example the following; we know to take care of the physical body, so that it will in the long game of your life, be available and be in good conditioning. We further understand that in order to maintain a healthy physical condition we must maintain a balance between a physical workout and a mental workout. I try for 50% of both, within my “time” allotment for the given day. This has over the years meant a major shift in a working routine vs physical workout and a mental workout (my mental workout is defined with meditation, at my age I do 70 minutes minimum per day, study what has been recorded for my consumption at this stage of my development). With a life on this planet, many sacrifices are made in order to maintain this practice. But, I always have asked myself, what is important to me; do that.

This civilization is setup to try and take away your person time and give it to this organization or to that organization, all with the intent of taking your personal time away from you. We all need to make a decision about what is important in our lives. Remembering one of the reason for our being here, on this planet; Stewardship of this jewel of a planet.

I am not one to ever cast a stone to another, to judge a persons actions over anthers actions. This is a freewill planet. We only need to remember and use our freewill in our actions throughout our daily lives.

This information was relieved/remembered this morning while in meditation.  I am not one to send, post much information out into  the either world, however there seemed to be some sort of urgency with this remembering.  Anyway take what is needed and pass the rest aside.   Namaste and may all be good with you

This re-post by LISA RENEE, where the conversation is an ongoing process for the collective changes we are all involved with at this Timeline.

LISA RENEE Dear Ascending Family, One important factor of kundalini activations during the spiritual ascension process is that no one informed me about what was going to happen to my sleep and that I would feel tired all the time. Actually getting some sleep at night and waking up and feeling somewhat rested became […]

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This information is actually helpful within the group thinking of the complex.