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recall from meditation


Recording of my recall of this dream. I used during the day (prior to the evening) LUMICOL at 10:30 am; at night for bed I used JUVA to accommodate the body pains; I sprayed GOLD SHEENA on my neck prior to sleep. I also use the body scanning techniques to locate and transfer any cells which are not in harmony. I place my PURAMYD by my head on the nightstand. I have requested from myself, that I allow clearing of past traumas’, these are the routine for my clearing

This dream starts off with myself in my home on Polly Creek Lane, the arrival of 10 to 15 large Blackbirds gets my attention as I am usually gazing into the forested areas. The scene now shifts to the home-site where I lived during my middle school years through upper grades. This is a double sized lot. The Blackbirds are gathering around a large hole which the bids are digging out with their beaks and feet. All the time these birds are looking at me; as if to say, “see, you can clean this out”! I can see the soil which has been brought out is a dark and shinny. The temperature is warm, the sky is blue no clouds. The Grape arbor which was in this location as a child is no longer in the backyard. The house color is the same as it was as a child. 11 1 17 = 4 1’s= new beginnings …
I read this dream as a positive force for change. Maybe even some deep cleaning was brought out to the sunlight.
I would be interested in reading another thought from my brothers/sisters

Thanks for reading. Namaste

contact during meditation

Visual Recall during Meditation

This was an afternoon meditation. I brought myself to a very relaxed state. I as able to bright in a bright light ( this always has a warm feeling about it) into my field of view and was holding this during my inner joinery. About 15 minutes into my practice I started witnessing this darker imagery come into view and was moving over the Light and blocking out the Light not letting any through, this was making the scene feel differently. The joy and happiness was shifting. So, this dark cloudy energy is still advancing moving across the total field of Brilliant Bright Light. The field I refer to, has a depth of field. Then the scene is starting to shift again. What starts, is a “Head” more of a face, yet I can see that it is a Head and it is starting to move, always facing looking at me, it is in the background so it still looks small. It is moving across the field of view always advancing, as the advancements continue the darkness is reseeding and the Bright Light is again strong. The Head is now in the center of the field in front of ME. No thoughts implanted, No spoken words, No gestures given. Yet I had a knowing between the two of us that we had completed something. My physical being has NO idea as to what we were able to complete. I am only able to use subjective reasoning here as to what actually occurred. This day I started with “Helios Meteor” and “Lumicol”. Alchemy